Our mission is to support the revival of Bulgarian crafts.

At Corgif.com you can find artistic works of Bulgarian authors, including one of a kind items by Bulgarian xylographers, ceramists, painters, masters of glass and miniature sculptures. Among them are master craftsmen whose arts are in the process of becoming extinct, such as the Kalofer lace.

Corgif.com is a meeting point of Bulgarian authors of various generations and fields. The common thing among them is beauty, grace and the characteristic signature of every artist, each uniquely Bulgarian.

Corgif.com aims to offer a wide range of works of Bulgarian artists and craftsmen, and by doing so to give them a platform to express themselves on as well as popularize their art throughout Bulgaria and abroad.

Corgif.com will set aside 10% of the sale of every product of a Bulgarian author to further the revival and development of Bulgarian crafts.