About us

You are viewing the online store Corgif.com - the place to buy corporate gifts.

Giving a gift, especially in a business setting, seems simple a at a first glance, but in reality it often takes considerable time and effort, especially when the right impression must be made. You must pick an item appropriate for the occasion, wrap it, pick out and inscribe a card, and finally present it all to the recipient. 

Corgif.com tries to be an online store which allows its clients to do all of the above with minimal time and effort. 

With Corgif.com, without leaving your chair, you can:

-pick a gift

-pick a card

-inscribe the card wth your own message or with one of our own preselected texts

-have your gift wrapped

-select to pick your gift up from our office, have your gift sent to your address, or even directly to the recipient

-pay however is convenient for you; by credit or debit card, bank transfer, cash in our office or on delivery

-receive an invoice for your purchase, if required

All items on Corgif.com are chosen to fit all manner of tastes and occasions, from expensive and unique works of famous artisans and artists, to functional items ideal for personalization. It does not matter if you need something one of a kind for a specific event or you are simply a connoisseur of the arts and crafts. You will be abe find anything you need!